Carolan - Celtic Harp & Violin

Sylvia Seaton

As a classically-trained violinist, Celtic music, which Anne first brought to my attention, has given a whole new musical dimension to my life - and I love it!  Lilting and haunting melodies, often quite intense in character, really do touch the emotions and mind, and are rewarding material to get to know better.   Another surprise for me was the discovery of how well the tone colours of the violin and Celtic harp blend together - I was 'hooked' from the start.

I have lived all my life in London, where I studied at the Royal College of Music.  My career as a freelance violinist gives me a varied and sometimes unpredictable working life, which includes playing orchestral, operatic, and chamber repertoire, as well as my duo work with Anne.  I lead several ensembles, and have given a number of solo recitals with piano.  Teaching the violin to lively young students also keeps me on my toes !

Sylvia Seaton

During our years of working together as Carolan, Anne and I have made settings of an extensive range of music from all over the British Isles, and in our rehearsal sessions we work regularly on new material - which means our repertoire is growing all the time - as well as revising existing pieces.  Sometimes we work on new arrangements at the specific request of clients.  Developing our ideas is often a tiring and frustrating process, but always rewarding in the end !

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