Carolan - Celtic Harp & Violin

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We are often asked where the name Carolan comes from, so here is the answer.

Our name is derived from that of the blind, Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan, who travelled around Ireland during the early eighteenth century playing in return for patronage.  He composed many fine tunes to honour his patrons, referring to these compositions as planxties.

It is interesting to note that O'Carolan was influenced not just by the Irish folk tradition of his day, but also by the music of contemporary Italian composers such as Vivaldi and Geminiani, whom he admired very much.

O'Carolan is still considered by many to be Ireland's finest national composer, and we feel that no performance by Carolan is complete unless it contains at least one setting of a tune by our namesake.


Eclipse is the acoustic duo that features Dan Evans on guitar/dulcimer/vocals and Sylvia on violin. 

Dan has three excellent CD albums, and the third, called ‘Autumn Dance’ features Eclipse quite extensively.

For more information about Eclipse and Dan Evans, and to hear some music excerpts, click here.

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