Carolan - Celtic Harp & Violin

Anne Chorley

Anne Chorley

I grew up in Cambridgeshire, and started playing the piano from about the age of five.  It wasn't until many years later that I was persuaded by an advert to 'come and learn to play the most beautiful instrument in the world', and so began to study the Celtic harp (known in Scotland as the 'clarsach').

My first teacher was the classically trained harpist Jack Hayward, but in recent years I have been to many courses given by prominent Irish, Welsh and Scottish harpers, and these have given me a wide knowledge of Celtic, and especially Scottish, music.  Anne Macdearmid, a Scottish harper and teacher, has been a particular inspiration.

It was a chance meeting in January 1997 that resulted in Sylvia and I beginning the musical association from which Carolan has evolved. We are an equal partnership musically, but I have been responsible for finding most of the traditional material which forms the basis of our programmes.


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